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Tommie is...
a dangerous little cutie. (That's a compliment!) He's very friendly, and he's very good at trying out new things and getting involved in them -- no matter how sleazy (another compliment). When he talks, he gives you the impression that you are the center of the universe, and that's addictive. And he likes taking the initiative to get things going.

I interviewed him at what was his first gay naked Gathering -- a long weekend over Memorial Day. He danced naked there for the first time, and fell instantly in love with it. Later that year, I ran into him at a much bigger Gathering, and watched as he looked around this huge room with hundreds of guys dancing naked. It was easy to tell from his eyes that he was amazed all over again. I asked him if he had, before the first Gathering, even dreamed that he would see something like what he now saw before him. He replied, of course not. You can't imagine the sight, or the feelings it brings out in you; you have to experience them for yourself.

So here are the feelings of a cute, boyish, adventurous manboyslut in the middle of his first large gay naked experience. Enjoy -- and come join us sometime!

So... let me begin with the standard Dick of the Week question: just how big IS your dick, anyway?

Closeup, much betterIt's almost 6 inches.

How big around?

Oh, damn, never thought about that. Can we guesstimate? I don't know.

When you jerk off, can you get your hand around it?


When you're holding it with one hand, does your thumb touch your index finger?


How much overlap?

Maybe a half inch.

So do you lose partners who think that you're too big for them?

No. [He laughs.]

Which do you prefer in a partner: a big dick or a small dick?

I would say more average, in between. I'm not a size queen.


Just so it's more comfortable -- less pain involved.

Why would there be pain involved?

Most of the guys I'm with are very forceful and they like to do their business -- like last night.

Getting goosedWhat happened last night?

Michael. And Bbb and Ccc. All of them fucked me. You can say I'm spent. I was violated! [He's smiling while he says this.]

So a big one hurts to get fucked by?

Sometimes. Until you get used to it.

What's the biggest dick you've ever had sex with?

I would say 10.

The smallest?

About 4.

Tell me more about each of those two guys.

The big guy was the first person I was with when I transferred to Washington DC in the Navy. He didn't like to be subtle or gentle. He liked to be rough and aggressive. So I basically had to hold on for the ride! And hopefully I wouldn't pass out.

Did you ever actually?

Xxx x xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx X xxx. Xxx xx xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx, xx xx xxx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx.

So he literally banged xxxx xxxxxx xxx ?

Yup! [He laughs.]

And you loved it.

Yeah! Click! Cause it made me xxx xx xxxxxx, so I thought "oh my god this is wild!".

The small guy was a little 19-year-old that I picked up who had never been able to top before, so I showed him, I allowed him. It didn't hurt at all. And he enjoyed it.


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Which is easier to keep hard -- a big dick or a small dick?

I would say a small dick. Sometimes the bigger dicks just fall under the weight.

What's your dick's favorite place to go?

Hmmm. When I'm in my seldom-top positions, I'd say x xxxx xxxxx xxx'x xxx, xxx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxxx xx'x xxxxxxx xx xxxx xx X'x xxxxxxx xxxxxx.

What's your dick's favorite place to go that YOU would rather it DIDN'T go?

[He laughs.] To work!

What was the most surprising thing you discovered where you didn't think you liked something but your dick said it did?

Xxxxx xxxxxx. I picked up a video that somebody brought from Germany, and a couple of really young guys were doing it and I never thought I'd like anything like it and I was amazed.

Jimmie, seriousHave you done that since then?

No, I have yet to try that.

What's your favorite way of USING your dick?

That's a good question,. During great sex it's used fully. And I like going to nude parties and showing off, getting pictures taken. I like exhibitionism in general.

How often do guys tell you that you have a big dick?

Xx, X xxx'x xxxxx X'xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx.

What's the most annoying way someone comes on to you -- like in a bar or at a party?

"Do you know what time it is?" [He laughs.]

If someone saw you in a bar, what would be the best line for him to use to get you interested in him?

"That's a very nice dick you have -- I sure would like to see more." That's OK, as long as he's cute.

What makes somebody cute?

Generally I go for younger guys, college type, around 25 or up, good build -- one who likes to top older guys.

What would be the worst line?

Something like, "I'd like to take you home and work you over." I prefer a more subtle approach.

Fuzzy, natural lightAre you cut or uncut?


Which do you prefer in other men?

I prefer cut just because that's the majority of what I've had, but I don't mind uncut, especially Latino uncut. As long as it's clean it's exciting.

What makes a dick pretty, or good-looking?

I'd say if it's smooth, without any hair, and it's a good skin tone, as if they got out in the sun and got some sun on it.

Do you think you have a pretty dick?

Hmmmm. I suppose. [He laughs.]

Is your father cut or uncut?

He's cut.

Does your father have a big dick?

Probably about the same as mine. I think it's hereditary.

Does your dick have a name?


Have you ever had the feeling that there is something wrong with your dick?

Hangin out at the food line[He frowns.] No, it works.

When you're wearing clothes, do you keep your dick inside underpants?


Boxers or briefs?

Boxer briefs! [He laughs.] I think it's better... gives it more room to move around and breathe -- instead of briefs, which keep it pinned down.

Why not just boxers?

I like the way the boxer briefs feel. They're more secure. I like the look of them.

Does it hang to the left or to the right?

To the left.

How do you arrange it inside briefs?

When I get a hardon I have to rearrange it to go up. Otherwise I just arrange it to the left.

How many seconds does it take to do the arranging?

Just a couple.

Think of the period of time in the gym between when you're totally naked in the shower and when you're totally clothed and ready to walk out the front door. Let's say that that's 20 minutes. For how many of those 20 minutes is your dick naked and visible to other guys in the locker room?

About 10. I don't get dressed too quick. I like to kind of scope around, see what's going on.

Has there ever been a period in your life of one year or more during which NO ONE other than you saw your dick?

No, I can't say that.

Not counting this Gathering, when is the last time someone saw your dick?

My little 4-way last weekend, with my ex, my good friends, and a guy we picked up from Costa Rica.

Did he have the beautiful uncut Latino dick?


When will be the next time?

Hopefully next weekend. I'm going to the club, and it's always nice to score.

In high school, how often did other boys see your dick?

Hardly. Back then it was very uncommon for boys in the gym to shower and change.

Another nice smileGirls?

No. Well, my girlfriends, yes, about 12 years ago!

And young adult, college age?

Very frequently, being in the Navy on board ship.

How much casual nudity is there in the Navy?

Xxx xxxx. Xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx, xxxxx xxxxxx xxx getting dressed or showering.

Wog or shellback? [I'm bragging because I haven't been in the Navy, but I'm using the terms used in a hazing ritual performed when sailors cross the equator for the first time.]

Neither. Bluenose. It's real cold and they take you up to the flight deck and they hose you down in your underwear.


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Nowadays, during an average week, how many people see your dick?

I would say probably just one -- my roommate. On the weekends more people will.

Of course, everybody knows that a lot of teenaged boys get hard at inappropriate times -- and in a way so that other people can see that they're hard. Did this ever happen to you?

Yeah, that's how I picked up this xxxxxx 99-xxxx-xxx xxxx X xxx 99. Xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxxx our girlfriends.

Where were you?

We were at our girlfriends' house (x xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx), xxx xx xxx X xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. X xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx x xxx xxxxxx. Xxxx xxxxxxx x xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx 80x. Xx 99 xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx. He knew exactly what to do with it.

He'll wait for anything, I hear...Which was?

He liked to xxx xx xxxxxx, xxxx xxx, xxx xxxxxx -- xx xxxx xxx, xx xxxx'x xxxxx xxx xxxx, xxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx.

In the car?

In the car, at his house while xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx -- xx xx xx xxxxx xx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx, xx xx xxx xxxxx.

Did anyone ever tease you or punish you when they noticed that your dick was hard?


When you jerk off, how do you hold your dick in your hand?

Right hand, firmly gripped, all the way around, and I use the oil based lube, that's best for jacking off.

What motion do you use?

Xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx.

Tell me about the first time your dick ejaculated. What happened?

That was when my cousin (xx xxxx 99) xxxxxx xx xxx xx xxxx xxx. X xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx 'xxxxx X xxxx xxxxxxx, xxx xxxx X xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx, xx X xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx. 5,000 xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx!

Guys I interview for Dick of the Week usually are exhibitionistic -- at least a little. Think back in your life to any times when you may have fantasized or thought about showing off your dick to someone else, on purpose. How old were you the FIRST time you had a thought or a fantasy like that?

When I was probably 99 or 99 I used to go stand out on my front xxxxx, and xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxx, xxx X xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx, xxx xxxx X xxxx X xxxxx xxxx xx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx.

What a smile!!So you were xxxxxxx xxx on the xxxxx?

Um hum.

If I had wandered by at that time, what would I have been able to see?

The porch was totally open. There would have been no way you could not have seen me.

So what time of day would you do this?

Afternoon, daytime. Noon or 1 or 2.

So really, do you think xxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx'x xxxx xxxxxx?

Nah. Nope.

How do you know?

Xxxxxx'x xxxx xxxxx.

X xxxx xx xx xx x xxx xxxx X xxx 99 xx 99. Xxxx X xxx xxxxx X xxxx xx xxx xxx xx xx. Maybe once a week.

Did you ever almost get caught?

Not that I'm aware of.

Where's the next most public place you've ever been naked?

Playalinda Beach (in Florida).

With body-painteeHave you ever danced naked?


When was the first time?

Saturday night, here at the Gathering.

Had you thought or fantasized about dancing naked before then?

No, never really thought of it until now.

What was your first thought upon entering the disco?

This is gonna be great!

Was it great?

Yes! I picked up a cute guy about my height, and we pretty much danced all night together. The idea of both of us being naked and dancing was really thrilling.

I guess I saw you there.


What does your dick do when you dance naked?

It depends on what we're doing. Xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx'xx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xx, xxx xx X xxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxx x xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xx'xx xxx xxxx -- xxxx'x xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx.


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When you're dancing naked, do you think about how moving your body will move your dick? Do you do anything on purpose because of the way it's going to cause your dick to swing?

No, it just has a mind of its own.

What do you like the most about your dick?

X xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx'xx xxxxxxx xxx, xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx, xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx.

What do you like the most about having a dick?

It's fun for two guys to be together and use your dicks to self-satisfy each other.

What do you like about getting fucked?

Xx'x x xxxxx xxxxxxx, xx xxxx xx xx xxxxx'x xxxx! [Xx xxxxxx.] I just like looking up at the guy and xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx'xx xxxxxxxx xxx, xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxx xx'x x xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx to watch.

What do you like the least about your dick?

I wish it was a little bit bigger. Another inch or so.

What do you like the least about having a dick?

Can't say that I have any complaints.

Has your dick ever gotten you in trouble?

Two pregnancy scares, but they turned out negative.

Tell me about that.

I was 18. Xxx xxxxxx. X xxxx'x xxxxxx xxxx X xxx xxx xx xxx xxxx; X xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx.

Anything else you'd like to say about dicks in general or your dick in particular?

I love em all. It's great to be gay!

Thank you very much!

You're welcome!

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