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I met Taz...
Dancing, showing bunsat my favorite gay bar, but I didn't get to see his exhibitionistic side until I caught sight of him at a Gay Pride festival -- wearing cut-off blue jean shorts with most of the seat of the pants cut away. He and his buddies were behind the alcohol-zone fence, having a beer, and I pointed my camera in their direction. His friends saw me and were quick to uncover Taz's tush just a little bit more! Eventually he came around to the near side of the fence and I got some better pictures.

A few months later I found out that Taz might want to pose for me. It was an ex-boyfriend of his (Pax) who did the recruiting. I interviewed Taz in my living room after a nude photo session, and he noticed the movie camera I had recently purchased -- and set up in the corner. By the end of the interview he was so hot that he...

Well, I'd better let you find out for yourself. Read on!

So... let me begin with the standard Dick of the Week question: just how big IS your dick, anyway?

AVERAGE size??Average size -- about 7 inches.

How big around?

You know, I don't know! I'd say probably about average.

So when you jerk off, can you get your hand around it?


When you're holding it with one hand, does your thumb touch your index finger?


The overlapHow much overlap?

Maybe that much [demonstrates with his hand: one digit].

So do you lose partners who think that you're too big for them?


Is your dick long enough so that you can suck it yourself?


You've tried?

Yes. I'm not there yet.

Which do you prefer in a partner: a big dick or a small dick?



Cause I like the feel of it inside of me.

You're a bottom?


What's the biggest dick you've ever had sex with?

Ten inches.

The smallest?


Tell me more about each of those two guys.

With the small guy it was nice; it doesn't hurt as much, it feels good. With the large guy it hurt a little but it was one of the best things I've ever had.

What made it so good?

X xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xx, xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxxx.

Which is easier to keep hard -- a big dick or a small dick?

A big one. Besides being able to deep throat it with no problem?

What famous person's dick would you like to see the most?

The man of the hourTHAT'S a good question! Brad Pitt. I think he's cute, I want to see what he actually has underneath those pants.

What famous person would you most like to show YOUR dick to?

Hmmm, good question. I don't know; can we skip that one for now?

Scientists have perfected a penis-transplant operation, and they want you to donate 2 inches of your dick for transplantation to someone less fortunate than you. How much would they have to pay you to get you to agree to the donation?

Ten grand.

Would it matter if the recipient was your brother?

The two inchesYes. For him I'd do it for free.

Would it matter if the recipient was your boyfriend?

No, it wouldn't matter.

How often do guys tell you that you have a big dick?

To me honest, a lot. [He chuckles.]

I take it that from time to time guys come on to you just because you have a big dick.

Sometimes, yes.

How does that make you feel?

[He takes a deep breath.] Sometimes good.

And sometimes not?

Cause then they're going just for the dick and nothing else.

How often do you get the impression that someone is interested in you ONLY because you have a big dick?

About 75% of the time.

How old were you when you first realized that your dick was bigger than most other guys'?

X xxx xx xxxx xxxxx, high school. Xxxxxxxx xxxx. Xx xxx xxxxxx xxxx.

So they still showered nude back in those days in your home town?


How many years were you on the swim team?


So why did you only learn that the last year?

X xxxxxxxx xxxx'x xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx.

Xx xxx xxxxx'x xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx?


What made you start to notice?

Xx xx xxxxxx, X xxx'x xxxx. X xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxx xxxx.

What's the most annoying way someone comes on to you -- like in a bar or at a party?

Bragging about themselves.

If someone saw you in a bar, and figured out you had a big dick, what would be the best line for him to use to get you interested in him?

The smile"You have a nice smile."

What would be the worst line?

"What are you doing later this evening?" -- I don't know.

Are you cut or uncut?

He's cutCut. Yes I am.

Which do you prefer in other men? Why?

I prefer cut, just because it's cleaner.

Ever thought of getting your foreskin restored?


Has your dick ever docked with an uncut guy?

What do you mean by that? [I explain.] No.

What's your dick's favorite place to go?

Nice hot, tight assIn a nice hot, tight ass.

What's your dick's favorite place to go that YOU would rather it DIDN'T go?

Ooh, I don't know! [He laughs.]

What was the most surprising thing you discovered where you didn't think you liked something but your dick said it did?

I don't know. I've never had that problem.

What makes a dick pretty, or good-looking?

The size, if it's cut or not -- and if it's got hair all up and down the shaft then I'm really not interested in it.

Do you think you have a pretty dick?


Do you think your boyfriend's dick is pretty?


Did you think that Pax's dick was pretty [back when you were boyfriends]?


What does your boyfriend like about yours?

The size.

Has anyone ever drawn or sketched your dick?


Have you ever drawn or sketched your own dick?


Who was the oldest person ever to see your dick?

[Good-naturedly:] Besides you? [He asks me how old I am.] It would be you.

The youngest person?

It would have to be 25, I think. No, Pax -- he was 22.

When was the last time your Mom saw your dick?

That was back when I couldn't dress myself yet, so I'd have to say, what, five?

Is your father cut or uncut?

Don't know.

Does your father have a big dick?

Don't know.

So you never saw it?



Xxxxxxxx xxx Xxxxxxxxxx.

Do you have any kids?


Does your dick have a name?

Taz, Jr.No. Well, I take that back: "Taz, Jr."

How did it get that name?

I named it. It takes after me!

Have you ever had the feeling that there is something wrong with your dick?


When you're wearing clothes, do you keep your dick inside underpants?


But usually not?


Why did you wear them tonight? [I knew what he had been wearing because we'd just finished a nude photo session.]

I was bowling.

[Politely sarcastic:] Well, THAT explains it!

Xxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx X xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xx. Xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx. [Xxxxxxxxx] X xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx [x.x., xxxxx] xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx.

So your dick can xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx?

Yeah. [He makes a painful face.]

Boxers or briefs?Boxers or briefs?


Does it hang to the left or to the right?

To the right.

How do you arrange it inside briefs?

Mostly to the right.

Think of the period of time in the gym between when you're totally naked in the shower and when you're totally clothed and ready to walk out the front door. Let's say that that's 20 minutes. For how many of those 20 minutes is your dick naked and visible to other guys in the locker room?

Probably about 10 to 15.

Has there ever been a period in your life of one year or more during which NO ONE other than you saw your dick?


When is the last time someone saw your dick?

Today. Xx xxxxxxxxx xxx X xxxx xxxxxxx xx xx xx xxx xxxxxxx! [Xx xxxxxx.]

When will be the next time?

Within xxx xxxx 5 xxxxx -- xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx.

In high school, how often did other boys see your dick?

Every day.

Swim practice?

Gym, AND swim practice.

Are there a lot of gay guys on high school swim teams?

Xxxxx xxx xxxx 3 xx xx -- xxx xx 12. [Xxxxxxxxxx xxxx: Xxxx xxxxx xx 25%, xxxxx xx xxxx -- xxx xxx xxx x xxxx xxxx.]

How did you find out each other was gay?

By conversations, hints that we threw out to each other.

Did you have sex with both of the other two?

With one.

Girls [seeing your dick in high school]?


Nowadays, during an average week, how many people see your dick?

My boyfriend, and that's about it.

Of course, everybody knows that a lot of teenaged boys get hard at inappropriate times -- and in a way so that other people can see that they're hard. Did this ever happen to you?

Yes. We were actually in Xxx Xx xxxxx, xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx.

He got one, all right!And you got one?


Did the teacher ask you to show it to the rest of the class?


I didn't think so...!

Did anyone ever tease you or punish you when they noticed that your dick was hard?


Tell me about the first time your dick ejaculated. What happened?

I was actually jerking myself off, and it was a weird sensation, kind of shocked me, I guess. Being a child you kind of explore and do things and when I finally cummed it was a learning experience.

How old were you?

I was 13.

How did you know to try jerking off in the first place?

PornosDad had pornos.

Gay or straight pornos?


Is that how you figured out you were gay?

Yeah, because I was more interested in the men than I was the women.

Had you suspected that earlier?

Not really. But when I first started watching the pornos I was only interested in the men.

What's the shortest length of time you've ever had between two orgasms?

10 minutes. The first time I was fucking my boyfriend, that took awhile. Then he went down on me and got me going again.

Guys I interview for Dick of the Week usually are exhibitionistic -- at least a little. Think back in your life to any times when you may have fantasized or thought about showing off your dick to someone else, on purpose. How old were you the FIRST time you had a thought or a fantasy like that?

Starting to show off at PrideI was 17.

What was the fantasy?

It was one of the guys on my swim team. The one I did NOT actually have sex with.

Scratch that. I was 00 xx xxxx xxxxxx, xxxxx xxx x xxx xxxxx Xxxx, xxxxx xxxx, xxxx xxxx, xxxxx X'x xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx, xxxx xxxx, xxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxx. Xx'x xxx X xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx -- xxx xxxxxx xx x xxxxxxx -- xx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx -- xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx.


Fucking each other all night long.

How did you know he had a nice sized dick?

I saw him in the shower after we had gym one day.

Did you ever carry it out?


Has anyone other than you ever touched your dick in a sexual way in a church?


At a Boy Scout event?


While your parents were nearby?


When you think back on your life, do you think you were a nudist your whole life, or did you only become a nudist at some particular age?

At some particular age.

What age was that?

19. I was in San Francisco on the beach, that's when I first started. I very much came natural with it.

Which beach?

Right underneath the Golden Gate Bridge; I don't remember the name.

If you weren't a nudist, why did you go there?

To check out the men!

Were you in the [military] service at that point?

Yes I was. I joined right after high school.

What's the most naked thing your dick did in the service?

I xxxxxx x xxx xxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx! X xxx x xxx xxxxxxxx.

[Mockingly naive: ] But homosexuality is incompatible with military service, isn't it?

[Ditto:] That's what they say.

But your experience was different from that?

Um hum!

Which would you prefer: To live in a world where everyone had to be naked all the time -- men and women -- or to live in a world where you had to be naked all the time but everyone else was clothed?

Everybody else had to be naked all the time. Cause I enjoy looking at naked men -- it gets me a hardon sometimes.

Which would you prefer: To have a photo published in a magazine of just your dick next to your real name, or to have an anonymous photo published showing both your dick and your face?

The second one.

LimpWhat's the most embarrassing thing your dick ever did?

Went limp on somebody who was giving me a blowjob.

Why did that happen?

I guess I was not attracted to him like I thought I was.

What has your dick done that has made you the most proud?

To please others.

What's the most outrageously exhibitionistic thing you've ever done?

Besides walking up and down Black's Beach nude? There isn't one!

What do you like about that?

As I'm checking other people out they're checking me out. A few will come up and talk to me, tell me I've got a nice body and a nice dick and everything else.

In your whole life, what event or situation made your dick the hardest it has ever been?

I guess it would be in a xxxxxxxxx X xxx xx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxx... xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx X xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx.

Why was that a turn-on?

Cause I love xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx. Xxxx xxxxx xx xx, xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xx.

Tell me about the first time your dick was photographed.

I used to be a dancer, so it's been photographed a LOT. If I had a hardon I kept the hardon for them [the audience]; if I was soft I kept it soft. If they wanted a hardon I'd give them a hardon.

Where was this?

Seattle, Washington, at [name of bar].

So it was a strip show bar? And obviously you stripped all the way?


Was that well known in the community?

When I was there, yes.

But not any more?

No, the bar is no longer there.

Are there other bars where guys strip all the way?

Not that I know of.

So how did they get away with it?

They didn't serve alcohol.

Was the bar a success financially?

Last time I checked, it was.

Were you still in the service at the time?

Yes I was.

So you made some extra money other than your military pay.


How much would you get per night?

About 500 dollars, pretty much tips. I was bringing in almost 500 a night pay, too.

That's a pretty good chunk of change! What did you do with the money?

Saved it.

So guys were photographing you in the bar, too?


Every night?

I wouldn't say EVERY night.

But it was permitted.


So these were photos for their own collections?

Yes, and for publications.

Not really a magazineHas your dick ever been published in a magazine?

Yes. I've posed for a couple of gay magazines up in Seattle, and I've actually been on websites.

Did you ever have your own site?

Yes. Pictures of me for like an escort/private party dancer kind of thing.

So, obviously, you've danced naked?


What does your dick do when you do that?

Besides jump around? [He chuckles.] It xxxx xxxx.

How xxxx, how xxxxx?

Hmmm, depends on the crowd, what I'm actually thinking about when I'm dancing, what the music is, what kind of moves I'm doing.

When you're dancing naked, do you think about how moving your body will move your dick? Do you do anything on purpose because of the way it's going to cause your dick to swing?


What got you into the nude dancing business?

I have a theory -- willing to try anything once. You only live once, so you might as well try it and see how it goes.

Didn't you also say you danced nude in your hometown?

Xxx. X xxxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx x xxxxxxxx xxx. Xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx "Xxx'x Xxxxx", xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx.

You stripped all the way there, too?

X xxx xxxx xx x x-xxxxxx.

Did you see anyone there you knew from high school?


Have you ever exposed your dick in a non-visible way -- for example, by taking your bathing suit off underwater?

Yeah. I've done it because of challenges, when I was in the military, and at Black's Beach a few times when I actually do wear a swimsuit.

Tell me about the challenges.

A whole bunch of us guys were drinking, went out to the pool on the base, xxxx xxxxxxxx, xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xx xxxx. "Xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xx xx xxx xxxx", "xxxx x xxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxx", xxxxxxxx.

Have you ever been naked in public?

Yes, if you consider Black's Beach public. Well, at Gay Pride I was ALMOST naked!

What's the largest number of people who have seen your dick all at the same time?

A barful.

Tell me about the first time your dick accidentally became visible and might have been seen by someone you didn't intend to show it to.

Never had that problem yet.

When you're at a urinal in a public place -- xxxx xx xxxxxxx -- xxx xxxxx xx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx?

X xxx xxxx, x xxx xxxxx.

Has your dick ever been paid to do something?

No. But yes, in the strip bar.

Has your dick ever been exposed to view against your will?


What do you like the most about your dick?

The size.

What do you like the most about having a dick?

The things I can do with it. When I'm somewhat almost hard I can almost stick it inside of xxxxxx. X xxx xxx xxx xxx xx xxx xxxx xx xx xxxxx. Xxx xxxxxx X xxx xx xx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xx -- xxxxxxx xxxx and so on.

Big dickWhat do you like the most about having a BIG dick?

Besides people enjoying it and liking it? Never had a complaint. Always had compliments.

What do you like the least about your dick?

I don't have one.

What do you like the least about having a dick?

I don't have one.

What do you like the least about having a big dick?

Don't have one.

Has your dick ever gotten you in trouble?

He laughs. Always! [He laughs a lot.]

Tell me about that.

You know, sometimes it's got its own mind. It tells me it wants to go play, I go play; it doesn't, I don't.

When is the last time it got you in trouble?

About 4 months ago: I met my boyfriend!

He's trouble?

When we first met it was. Ever since then we've been together.

I know you're being lighthearted, but let me ask anyway: why is meeting a boyfriend trouble?

Xxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx x xxxxx xxxx. X xxxx'x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xx xx, xxx xx xxxx xxx [xxxxxxx xx] xxxx "xxxx, X xxxx xxxxxxxxx" xxx X xxx xx xxxxx xxx xx xxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx. Xx'xx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx.

Have you ever had an orgasm in a car while the car was moving?


Were you driving?

Xxx. Xx xxx xx xx xxx X xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx Xxxxxxxxxx xx x X-xxxx xxxxx. Xx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxx xxxxx xx xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx.

Xxxx xxx xxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx?

Xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xx? [Xx xxxxxx.] Xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx XXX xxxx. Xxxx xxx xx xxxxx. X xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx, xxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xx. Xxx xxxx xx xx xxxx.

Xx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxx fucking?

I hope not!

But you had the door open.

Yeah, the passenger door was open, and X xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xx xx xxx xxx.

Xx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxx?


Xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxx fucking xxx?


Was there anything particularly romantic or sexy about the drive?

No, actually he was moving me back to California.

Have you ever had an orgasm on an airplane?

In the kitchenNo.

...on a train or subway car?


...on a xxxx?

Yes. It was xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx. X'xx xxxx xx xx x xxx xxxxxxxx' xxxxxxxxxx, xxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx Xxxx, x xxxxxx xx xxxxxx, xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx, xxx x xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx.

Which denomination was the chaplain?

He was Xxxxxxxx.

Did he xxx x Xxxx Xxxx when he came?

Oh, no! [He laughs.] "Oh God" was the word!


Yes. Xx xxxx xxxxxxxx xx Xxxxx'x Xxxxx, xxxx xx xx. Xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx.

Could people tell you were having sex?

I didn't think they could, but who knows?

What were you doing?

It looked like he was holding me from behind, as if he was trying to keep me warm. He was actually xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx.

Did you use xxxx?


A xxxxxx?


How'd he get it in?

Trust me; xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx. your parents' bedroom?

No. school?

No. work?

No, except at the bar.

So you didn't just get hard at the bar, sometimes you came?

Xxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxx. Xx'x xxxx xxx xxxxxx xx x xxxx xxxx, xxxx'x xxx x xxxxxxx xxxxxx, xx'x xxxxx xxx xxxx. X xxxxxx xx xxxxx X xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxx xx xx x-xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxx X'x xxx.

Xxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx?


Have you ever come in a place where, if you and I were to go there right now, you could show me your dried cum?


Tell me about the one orgasm in your life of which you are most ashamed.

Don't have one.

...of which you are the most proud?

Xxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxx xx xx xx x xxx xx Xxxxxxx.

But you weren't dancing there?

Xx. Xx xxx xxxx x xxxxxx xxx: x xxxxxx, xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx. Xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx x xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx, xxx xxx xxxxx xx xx xxxx xxxx x xxxx xxxx. Xx xxxx xxxxx, xx xxxx xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx, xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx X xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xx xx.


Xxx xx xxx xxxx xx the dance floor.

Did anyone else see?

Xx, xxxxx xxx xxxxxx.

Isn't that against the rules?

Xxxx xxxxx? X xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx. X'x xxx xxxxx.

When you jerk off, how do you hold your dick in your hand?

How he holds itProbably like this [he shows me, since he's naked on the couch in front of me].

What motion do you use?

Different motions. Up and down, side to side, and like a twist kind of deal.

[He demonstrates again.]

Starting the clock at the end of this interview, how long will it be before you have an orgasm?

I'll probably go home and jerk off [right away].

[Instinct tells me that I need to ask a follow-up question, so I do:] Do you feel like xxxxxxx xxx xxx?

Jerking, jerking, jerking...Yes. [And he does. Taz is the first -- and so far the only -- Dick of the Week to xxxx xxx xx xxxxx xx xx after the interview. Did I xxx xx xxx xx xxxxx? Of course!]

Anything else you'd like to say about dicks in general or your dick in particular?


Thank you very much!

You're welcome!


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