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OK OK OK, I'll admit it:
'K.C.' isn't his real name -- it's 'J.D.' I have an excuse. I had carefully prepared all the files, chosen an appropriate pseudonym, and gotten all the document prototypes ready -- and then he goes and tells me it's OK to use his real name! And I'm lazy, so I didn't go back and change everything. So until the end of this page, he's going to get called KC, understand?

Cool. Let's move on.

You've already noticed that KC is black. And so, as the night follows the day, I can predict that some of you are asking, "Gosh -- I wonder if he has a big dick?!" Am I right? Of course I'm right, you shamelessly racist stereotyping pervert(!).

No, you can't be an adult in modern white America and not have been exposed to the stereotype -- true or false -- that black men have big dicks. And if you read this Dick of the Week feature regularly, you know that many of the guys interviewed here do indeed have big dicks (no matter what their ethnicity). So I'll forgive you if you ask the question about this week's Dick of the Week too. (I'm not approving the stereotype, mind you -- just stating what we all know the stereotype is.)

The answer to your question is yes, KC does have a big dick -- one of the biggest I have ever seen. So big that from the moment he took off his pants at the beginning of the gay naked gathering, he was legendary.

But in most other respects, KC is a stereotype-buster. For example: his accent. If you're from Great Britain, you're probably used to black people speaking with a British accent -- but I'm not (yet), and KC does.

This had a weird effect on me. (Again, I'm not approving of the way my mind worked; I'm just trying to be honest about it so that you can understand what it would be like to get to know him.) As KC spoke, I would get used to the accent and stop noticing it. Several minutes would go by. And then some phrase or other would trigger the UK-accent-recognition thing in my brain (never mind that he'd been speaking in that accent the whole time!) and I would stop short and say to myself, hey, he's not speaking Black, he's speaking British. And then the other part of my brain would say "Hello hello HELLO?!!" and say hey, of course he's speaking British, he grew up in Britain (even though he was born in the U.S., is a U.S. citizen, and has lived here for most of his life if not most of his childhood). And then the stereotyping part of my brain would say, before I could get it under control, but he's Black, not British. And then the reasonable, rational part of my brain would throw up its hands and call me an idiot and tell me I should be ashamed of myself.

Isn't it fun to be able to argue with yourself? You're endlessly amusing to you. Too bad you can't fuck yourself (unless, in fact, you can)....

KC's interview is also remarkable in other ways. I haven't gone back and ranked all my Dicks of the Week to put them in order of how insightful their interviews were -- but if I did, KC's would be at the top of the list or very close to it. He's a bright fellow, a thoughtful fellow, a polished fellow. And -- although it pains me to say it, because it's so unfair -- being thoughtful, bright, and polished is not part of the standard stereotype that we white guys maintain about black guys.

Pity. Because KC is so thoughtful and bright, his interview is either the longest one here or very close to it. Likewise, his dick is either the longest one here or very close to it.*

But length isn't everything: breadth is important, too. As you're about to discover, there are a lot of guys who take a look at KC's thick dick and wonder if their gut will get busted if they try to take that thing all the way in. And so (* again!), remember that your brain is your biggest sexual organ and ask yourself whether it can expand to allow room for KC's very broad... intellect.

Ahh, breadth and depth -- you so rarely get that in the same single package. But with K.C. (another exception!), you do.

* Like that one, eh? Yeah, me too. And please forgive this moment of narcissism.

So... let me begin with the standard Dick of the Week question: just how big IS your dick, anyway?

My dick is 8 and a quarter inches long.

How big around?

You know, I never measured the circumference, but you can find out later if you'd like!

So when you jerk off, can you get your hand around it?


When you're holding it with one hand, does your thumb touch your index finger?


How much overlap?

About a quarter inch gap.

So do you lose partners who think that you're too big for them?

On occasion.

Which do you prefer in a partner: a big dick or a small dick?

I actually prefer a small dick. Xxx xxx xx x xxx xxxx xxxx xx. Xx'x xxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx, xxxxx X xxxxx xxxx. Xx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxx. Xxx X xxxx xxxxxxxxx X xxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx X xxx'x xxxx xx xxxxx xx.

[Holding up his hand:] It takes three of these to get to the top. Three fistfuls!


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What's the biggest dick you've ever had sex with?

I actually had sex with a German guy whose dick was probably the girth of a beer can, around 7 inches long, but it was really difficult to get into my mouth. But I did it! [He laughs.]

The smallest?

Hmmmm, Lord, that would probably be an inch and a half. And luckily I liked the person, so it didn't matter.

Tell me more about each of those two guys.

The big fellow was this guy I met through my boyfriend in San Francisco; they were roommates. My boyfriend had stood me AND him up that night, so the two of us were sitting there, got trashed, and started having sex. I owned a graphics shop and so xx xxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxx.

[I can't resist:] It was really graphic, huh?

[He laughs. He's very kind.]

The small guy was one of my ex-coworkers at another sex club. We'd been friends for years, and finally xx xxxx xxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx (xxxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx) xxx X xxxx xxx x xxxxxxx, xxx xxxxxxx xx xx xxxx xxx xxx xx xxxx'x xxxxxx xxxx X xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xx [xxxxxxx xx xxx xx xxxxx]. Xxx X xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx, xxx xx xxx xxxx.

Which is easier to keep hard -- a big dick or a small dick?

A small dick is easier to keep hard, unsupported. The question I hate the most along that line is: Have you ever passed out [from having all that blood go into your dick]?

Click for photosWhat's your favorite way of USING your dick?

I love to xxxx x xxxx, xxxxxx xxxxxxx.

What's your dick's favorite place to go?

Probably in the crack of the ass as opposed to the hole.

What's your dick's favorite place to go that YOU would rather it DIDN'T go?

Probably xxx xxxxx. Xxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx'x xxxx xx xxxx-xxxxxx, xxx X xxxx xx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx. Xx xx xxx xxx'x xxxx-xxxxxx, X'x xxxx xx xxxxx xx xxx xxxx xx xx xxxxxx xx xxx xx xxxx [xxx].

What was the most surprising thing you discovered where you didn't think you liked something but your dick said it did?

That would be the one guy who COULD actually deep throat me, which no one has ever aspired to after that. At first I thought it was hurting him, since he was gurgling and choking, but then when I pulled it out he said "don't stop."

How often do guys tell you that you have a big dick?

Xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx X xxxxxx xx. Xx X'x xx x xxxx, xx x Xxxxxxxxx xx x xxxx xxxxx, xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xx. I used to work at this sex club, and these Japanese visitors were in town, and one of them saw my dick and he literally dragged me to his friend who was this beautiful little tiny Asian man. Xxx xx-xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx, xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx x xxxxx, xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx X xxxx xxx. Xxxxx X xxxxxxxxx xx xx; xx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx half.

I take it that from time to time guys come on to you just because you have a big dick. How does that make you feel?

Sometimes it makes me feel like a piece of meat -- like straight men treat women with big breasts -- and other times I'm really hot and horny and I'm complimented and I can't wait to fuck an ass.

How often do you get the impression that someone is interested in you ONLY because you have a big dick?

Wow.... Probably once a month.

How old were you when you first realised that your dick was bigger than most other guys'?

When I was ten. Some boys and my neighbourhood xxxx xxxxxx x xxxxxx xxxx, xxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx, xxx xxxx X xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xx xx xxx xxxxx. [Xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxx.] X xxxxxxxx xxxx'x xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxx; X xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx.


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[At this point we have to interrupt the interview. We continue a couple of months later via telephone.]

What's the most annoying way someone comes on to you -- like in a bar or at a party?

It's a similar experience to women who have big breasts: people look at the breasts instead of the face, and people look at my dick instead of my face. I don't mind them looking at my dick -- it's there, I don't mind them looking at it -- it's just [bad] when you leer! I'd rather you say, 'That looks impressive' instead of just trying to have a discussion with me but the entire time your attention is directed at my crotch.

If someone saw you in a bar, and figured out you had a big dick, what would be the best line for him to use to get you interested in him?

Hmmm. One of my favorites is "X'x xxxx xx xxx xx X xxx xxxx xxxx."

What would be the worst line?

Hmmm. Xxx X xxx xxx x xxxxx?

Why is that one bad?

It makes a supposition that X xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxx. I think that people can come up with more original lines.

Are you cut or uncut?

I'm cut.

Which do you prefer in other men?

I prefer cut. Long story short, I was x xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx, xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx, and not very clean, so that left an impression on me.

Click for photosWhat makes a dick pretty, or good-looking?

Smooth rigidity. I find veiny dicks kind of ugly -- super-veiny ones.

Do you think you have a pretty dick?

Actually, no. I've seen prettier. I guess it's served its purpose and no one has complained.

Is your father cut or uncut?

My biological father is cut, and has a [xxxx] xxxxxx xx xxx xxx, xxxxxxxx, xxxx xxxx X xxxxxxxx. Xxxx X xxx x xxx xx xxx x xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx. Xx xxxxx xx x xxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx. Xx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx X xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx, "Xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx?" Xxxxxxxxxxxx, xxx xxxx X'x xx xxxxx xx x xxxxxx, X "xxx" xxx!

How big was his dick?

I've never measured [he laughs], but probably pretty damn comparable to mine, if not bigger, because I'm thinking with a child's eye and it looked huge.

Does your dick have a name?

[He laughs.] No.

Has it ever had a name, like when you were younger?

Well, yeah. When we were kids, boys had "teewees," so for many years until I came to America it was my teewee.

Have you ever had the feeling that there is something wrong with your dick?

Yeah. When I was circumcised it was sort of xxxxxxx (xxxxxxx xx'x xxx x xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx XX), xxx xx xxxx xx xxx xxxx xx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxx. So I've got xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx X xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx xx.

[I take the hint:] And do you?

Yes, I do. It's always a good conversation piece at a party and you need a couple of bucks: "I'll bet I can xxxxx xx xxxxxx..." X xxx, xxx xxxx X xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxx X xxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxx! Xxx xxxxx xxxx, xxx X xxxxxx xx xxx'xx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxx xx. Xxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx.

Do you think you would have xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx [xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx hadn't happened]?

Probably not at all. The idea came to me when I saw a picture of a guy xxxxxxxx x xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. Xxxxx X xxxxxxx, "xxxx'x xxxxxx xxxx," xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xx xx xxx X xxxxxxx xxx X xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxx down there.

How far in does it go?

I can get it all the way xxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx.

Does it feel good?

I wouldn't necessarily say it feels good. It's an interesting sensation and originally I did it just to see if I could -- and now I do it again [he laughs] to raise money!

So you didn't do it before the Internet?

Right. The picture I saw was in a newsgroup -- or something like that.

Did you know that there are guys who LOVE that?

I found out! [He laughs.]

What was the most interesting thing you found out about them?

Hmmm. That they could xxxxxx x XXX xxxx xxxx xxxx X xxxxx.

Kinsey -- the great sex researcher and authour of the Kinsey reports -- supposedly xxxxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx.

I had not heard anything about that. That's a completely new one. I do safer sex workshops so I often use data from Kinsey, even though that's a little dated at this point.

When you're wearing clothes, do you keep your dick inside underpants?

No. Well, that's a two-parter. Normally -- naturally -- I freeball because X xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xx xx xxxx. Xxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xx'x xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xx xx, xxx xx xxxxx x xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx. Xxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx X xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx, xx X xxxx x xxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx X'x xxxxxxxx. Xxxx X xxxx xx xxx, xxx xxx xx xxxx xx xxxx X xxxxx xxxxx. Xx xxxxx xxxx X xxxx xxxx xxxxxx sticking out!

Boxers or briefs?

Very brief. I actually enjoy that little strip of cloth right up my ass. It feels like x xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxx! Xxxxx xx xxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxx X xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xx xx xxx xxx. X'x xxxx xx xxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx'x xxx xxxxx xxx xx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xx xxx.


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Does it hang to the left or to the right?

It hangs to the left.

How do you arrange it inside a thong as you're putting it on?

I take my hand and xxxx xx xxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xx xxx xxx xx xxx xxxxx, xxx xx xxxx xx xx xxx xxxx, xxx X xxxx xx xxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxx.

Between your legs?

Well, it starts out there. And then xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xx.

Where does it end up?

Usually xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxx. Xxxx xxxxx'x xxxx xxx xxxx xx xx crotch.

How long does it take to do the arranging?

I've got it down to a science... not more than 5 seconds.

[KC is at his workplace during this part of the interview, so he remarks:]

My coworker is looking at me like "What kind of phone conversation am I having!!??"

Think of the period of time in the gym between when you're totally naked in the shower and when you're totally clothed and ready to walk out the front door. Let's say that that's 20 minutes. For how many of those 20 minutes is your dick naked and visible to other guys in the locker room?

For most of the time. As soon as I'm finished with a class I rip off my clothes because I'm usually quite drenched. I prefer being naked, and live a naturalistic lifestyle, so I'll wear my towel over my shoulder to the steam room to steam, shave in the mirror completely naked. The very last thing that I have to do is put my clothes back on.

Has there ever been a period in your life of one year or more during which NO ONE other than you saw your dick?

Yeah! When I was 17, I had left my home and I was living with friends, still trying to finish school and prepare for college. Xxxxxxx X xxx [xxxxxxxx] xxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx I decided to be celibate for a year. And living in this house I was clothed even when I went to sleep. The only time I took off my clothes was maybe when I was in the bathroom. Maybe that was a healing process for me as well.

Were these friends older or younger?

They were a married couple who took me in -- probably 10 or 15 years my senior. I watched their children in the afternoon.

Xxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxx xxx'x xxxx.

Xx xxx xx xxx. [Xx xxxx xx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx] X xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx' xxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxxx. Xxxx X xxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx X xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx.

[Xxxx xxxxxxx] xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx -- xxxxxx xxx xxxxx 6 xxxxxx xx xx xxxxx; X xxxxx xx xxx XX xxxx X xxx 8 xxxxxx xxx. I had been born, believe it or not, in Fargo, North Dakota. I went to live with my great-grandmother and my step-great-grandfather. The only person I really got to visit was my father.

Xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx. Xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx.

Xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx?

X xxx 11. Xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xx -- xx xxx xxxxxx -- x xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx. Xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xx xx x xxxxxxxxx.

Xxx xxxx xxx xx xxxx xxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx?

Xx xxxx'x xxxx xxxx. Xxxx'x x xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xx xx xxxx xxxxx, xxx X xxx x xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx X xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx. Xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx. Xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xx xxxx xxx xxxxx.

Xxx xxxx xxx xx xxxx?

Xxxxx X xxx 16.

Xx xxxxx xxxxx...?

Xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. Xxx x xxxxxx xx xxxxx X xxxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxx xx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xx. Xx xxxx xxxxx X xxxx "xxxxxx xx -- xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx, xx'x xx xxxxxxxxx [xxxx]." X xxx'x xxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xx xx xxxx xx xxx, xxx xxxxxxxxxx X xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx, xxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx.

[Xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx, X xxx:] Xxxx xxx!

[Xx xxxxxxxx. Xxxx:]

X xxx'x xxxx xx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxx, xxx xx xxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xx. Xxxxx xxx x xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx X xxx xxxx xxx xx. X xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, xxx X xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx -- xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx.

The outcome for the household was that they divorced, but then actually things got worse.


Because my mother blamed me for him having to leave, so it was my fault. Everything in life was my fault. So I left.

Then she didn't have you as an excuse any more.


[Again, sarcastically:] Xxx, xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xx x xxxxxx?

X xxx'x xxxx; X xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxx. X xxxxx xx'xx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx, xx X xxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx. Xxx xxx xxxx xxxx X xxxxxxx xxx, xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx Xxxxx xx xxxx xxxx, xx xxx xxxxxxxx x Xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx, xxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxx xx. X xxx xxx xxxx xxxx X xxxxx xx.

Click for photosXxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxx'xx xxxxx xx xx.

X'xx xxxxxx x xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx. Xx'x xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx -- xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx -- xxx X xxxxx xxxx'x x xxxxx xxxxx xxx xx xx x xxxxxx. Xx'x xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx x xxxxx xx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xx xxxx-xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx. X'x xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxx xx x xxxxxx, xxx X xxxx xxx'x xxxx xxx, xxx xxxx'x XX, xxx xxxx'x xxxx X xxx xx xxxxx. Xxxxxxxxx. Xxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx, xxx xxx xxx'x xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx. X xxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxx.

Xxxx xxx xxxx Torch Song Trilogy? [These plays by Harvey Fierstein, and the movie, xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxx xx xxxx xxxx x xxxxx xxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx/xx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxx'x xxxxxxxxxxxxx.]


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Xxx. Xxxx X xxx xx, X xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxx. X xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xx x xxxxxxx.

Xx xx xxxxxx'x xxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xx xxxx xxxx "Xxx, xxxx xxxxxx xxx x xxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxx xx xx xxxx xxxxx xx." Xx X xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx X xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx. Xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx. Xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx x xxxxx, xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx.

When is the last time someone saw your dick?

Two nights ago. A quick shag.

[I've learned that when I do the "Dick of the Week" interview by phone, the probability of the interviewee being naked is over 90%, and the probability that he is masturbating is maybe 40%. But somehow I got the impression that K.C. was different. So I ask:] You're not naked now?

I... well, I've got a t-shirt on, so I guess I'm not naked.

But you're naked below the waist?

Xxx. Xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx, xxx xx'xx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx! Xx X xxxxx XXX xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xx xxxx -- xxx xxx xx xx xxxxx xxxxx.

Xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx?

Xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx 6 x'xxxxx xxxx X xx xx xxxxx xxx xx xx xxxxxxxxxx.

Xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx?

Xxxxx xxx X xxxx xxxxx.

Xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx? [X xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx "xxxx xxxxxxx", "xxxxx xxxxxxxxx," "xxxxx xxxxxxxxx," xxx xxx xxxx, xxx xxxx'x xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx.]

Xx, xxxx'xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx X xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xx xx xxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx. Xxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxx X xxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

In high school, how often did other boys see your dick?

Probably [he laughs] every day. Remember, I stopped wearing underwear very early so xxxxx xxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx [xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx]. X xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxx xxx -- xxxx xxxxx xxxx xx xx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxx, xxx X xxxx xxxx, xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xx!

Xxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xx xx?

Xxxxx xxx X xxxx xxx, xxxxx xxx 3 xxxxx x xxxx. Xx xxx xxx xx xxxxx xxxx-xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxx x xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx, xx xx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxx. X xxxx xxxxx xx xxx x xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx.


Fewer and farther between, although I do have sex with women. The first time would have been when I was 16. [He pauses a moment.] Actually, probably earlier than that -- with my first girlfriend I was probably 15.

How often?

Naked? Probably not at all except for three whom I dated.

And in college?

There were probably 4 xxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx, xxx xxxx xx x xxxx xxxxxxx X xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx, xx.... xxxxxxxx. Xxx xxx'x xxxxx xxxx xx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx. Including one professor.

Professor of what?

He was an ethics professor [he laughs at the seeming contradiction] whom I very much fell in love with, and it was through him that I got turned to the darker side of sex. Xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx, xxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx xx xxxx xx xx xxx Xxxxx [x xxxxxxx xxx] xxxx xx xxxxx xxx "xxx," xxx X xxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx. Xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxx Xxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xx xxxx xx xxxxx. Xxxx xx xxxxxxx x xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xx xxxxx, xxx xxxx xxx xxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xx xx.

Xxxx xxxx xx xxx?

Xxxx X xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xx xx xxxx -- xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx X xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx. X xxx'x xxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx, xxx xxx xxx -- xxx xxxxx -- xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx.

Xx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx?

Xxx! [Xx xxxx'x xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx.] Xx xxxxxxx xxxx X xxxxxx'x xx xxxx. Xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxx xx xx xxxxxxxxx X xxxxx XXXXX xxxxxxxx. Xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xx xx. Xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xx xxx xxxx xx xx xxx xx xxxx -- xxx xx xxxxx -- xx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxx.

Xxxx xxx xx xxx xxxx?

Xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx XXXX.

Xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx?

Xxx x xxxx, xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx. Xx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx x xxxxx, xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx; X xxx'x xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx X xxx [xx xxxxxxxx xx xxx].

Xx xxxx xxx xx xxxx xx xx x xxx xxxx x xxx xxxx?

Xxxxxxxxxxx! Xx xxxx xxxxx xx xx xxxx X xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx. X xxxx xx xxx xxx, xxx X xxxx xxxx X xxx xxxx xxxxxxx, xx X xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx. Xxxx X xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx X xxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx, X xxx xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxx. Xx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx. Xx xxxxxxxx xxxx'x xxxxx X xxx 20 xxxx X xxxxxxxx xxxx x xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx X xxx. Xxx xx xxx xxxx x xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx X xxxxxxxx xxxx X xxx x xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx. X xxxxxx xx xx x xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx.

What does being a daddy mean?

It means xxxxxx xxxx xx xx xxx xx xx xxxx, xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx'xx xxxxxxxxx, xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx'xx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxx. Xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxx X xxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx.

Xxxx xx xx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx.

Xxxx X xxx xx xxx xx xx xxx xxx X xxxx xxx xxx X xxxx xxx xxx X xxxx xxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx, xxxx xxx xx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx, xxxxxx xxx xxxx xx'xx xxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxx.

Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx, xxx X xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx -- xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxx xxx xxx -- xxxx X xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxx'xx XX, xxx'xx xxxx xx xx xxxx, xxx xxx'x xx xxxx xxx, xxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx.

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Nowadays, during an average week, how many people see your dick?

Every day, because of me changing between [aerobics] classes.

Of course, everybody knows that a lot of teenaged boys get hard at inappropriate times -- and in a way so that other people can see that they're hard. Did this ever happen to you?

[He laughs.] Oh yeah! There was a whole period in my life where when I was in high school. I think the first year the rocking motion of the xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xx x xxxxx xxxxx. X xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xx xxx xxxxxx! X xxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx. Xx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx -- 7xx xxxxx -- xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx, xxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx, Xx. X., xxxx xx xxxxxx, xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx, xxx x xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx [xx xxxxxx], xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxx. X xxxxx xxx x xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xx xxx xxxx!

Did anyone notice?

God I hope not! If they did they never mentioned anything to me.

Did anyone ever tease you or punish you when they noticed that your dick was hard?

Yeah. Xxxxx, xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx X xxx. Xxx X xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx, xxx xxxxxx -- X xxx'x xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx. Xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Xxxxx xxx xx xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx-xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx. Xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xx x xxxxxxxx, xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx'x xxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxxx-xxxxxxxx.

When you jerk off, how do you hold your dick in your hand?

Right handed, the trusty beat hand, very close to the top of the shaft, just barely touching the bottom of the head, dry (I hate lubricant), and vigorously as my left hand usually pinches and squeezes my nipples.

What motion do you use?

Brisk back and forth, like I'm going to pull the puppy off. Usually the thumb is on the top, the fingers are on the bottom. Actually one day I did an ad hoc measurement and I realised that I could get three fistfuls [along the length of my dick] and still have the head exposed.

Tell me about the first time your dick ejaculated. What happened?

[He laughs.] Wow -- X xxxxxxx X xxx xxxxx! Xx xxx xx xxxxxxx, xxx X xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx, xx xxxxxx. X xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxx -- X xxx x 12-xxxx-xxx, X xxxxx. X xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxx x xxxxx xx x xxxxxx. (Xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx!) Xxx X xxxx xxx X xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx X xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xx xxx X'x xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx, xxx xx xxxx xx 5 xxxxxxx xx xxx xx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx "xx xx xxx X'xx xxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx! XXXX'X xxxx xx xxxxx xxxx!"

Guys I interview for Dick of the Week usually are exhibitionistic -- at least a little. Think back in your life to any times when you may have fantasised or thought about showing off your dick to someone else, on purpose. How old were you the FIRST time you had a thought or a fantasy like that?

Hmmm. That's a hard one. Because I didn't like my body for many years for various reasons, but I guess the first time would have been when I was 16 at a little club here in Baltimore called Xxxx's. X xxxx "Xxxxx Xxxxx" -- xxxxx xxx xx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxx, xxx X xxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xx xx xxxx xxxxxx; xx xxx x xxxxxx. X xxxx'x xxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx X xxx xxx xx xxxxx. X xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxxx xxx xxxxxx'x xxxx xx xx xx xxxxx. Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxx! X xxxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxx xxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx. X xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xx xxxxxxx x xxx.

Click for photosXxxx xxx xx xxxxx xxxxx?

Xx xxx x xxxxxxxxx.

Xxxx xxx 'xx xx xxxxx xx Xxxxxxxxx, xxx'x xxxx!

Xx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx, xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx 18 [xxx xx xxx x xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx]. Xx xxxx xx xxx 1982, xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xx 21, xxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx x xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx.

Have you ever danced naked?

Well, yes! I used to be a dancer at the Crab Shack in D.C. [This was the actual nickname for a strip-show bar I had often visited when I lived in Baltimore.]

What does your dick do when you do that?

It usually goes counterclockwise, xxx xxx xx xxxx xx xxx xxxx xxx X'x x xxxxx xxxxxx. X'xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx, xxx X xxxxxxxxxxxx x xxx xx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxx Xxxx Xxxxx. X xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx. Xxx xx xx xxx-xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx X xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xx xxx, xxx X xxx xxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx X xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxx. Xx X xxxxx xx xxxx, xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xx xx xxx, xxx xxx xxxxx xxxx. Xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx, X xxxx xx, xxxxx xx xxxx xx x 360 xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx. X xxx xx xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx, xxx x xxx xx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx -- xxx X xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx.

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So do you do the same thing as an aerobics teacher?

Xxx! Xxxxx xx xxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxx X xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx. Xx xxxxxx xx xx xxxx xxxx xx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx, xxx xxxx xxx xx, xxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx x xxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx. Xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx -- xx xxxxx'x xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx. Xxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxx, xxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xx, xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx, xx x xxxxx xxx xxx.

Xxx xxxx xxx xxx xx xxxx....!

Xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx! Xxx xxxxxxxx X xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx.

So you're kind of being THEIR daddy?


When you're dancing naked, do you think about how moving your body will move your dick? Do you do anything on purpose because of the way it's going to cause your dick to swing?

Back then I did, now I don't. Back then as a stripper it WAS about the dick. Now it's about the body and fitness and muscle flexibility. Although I haven't yet found an organisation which would want nude aerobics, I would enjoy doing that.

At one point in time I tried to develop that. I worked in San Francisco at a sex club called Xxxx. For awhile I was the "Sexlife Coordinator." What I did was schedule workshops with speakers and hosts to talk about xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx -- xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx, xx xxxxx, xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. Xxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxx X xxxxxx xx xx xxx x xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx. Xx xxxx'x xxxxxx xxxx xxx. X xxx x xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx, xxx xx xxxx'x xx xxxx xx x xxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx. Xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx.

What do you like the most about your dick?

That it's mine and that it comes with a complete package.

What do you like the most about having a dick?

Wow! Well, I really don't know how to answer. Xxx xxxx xxxxx X xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xx xxxxx xx xx xx x xxxx, xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx x xxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx X xxxxxx. Xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx X xxxxxxx X xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxx xxxx x xxxx. Xxx X xxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx. X xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx X'xx xxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx -- xxxxxxxxxxxx -- xxxx X xxx xx xxxx xx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx, xxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxx x "xxx xx". X xxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xx x xxx.

What do you like the most about having a big dick?

That it's given me some opportunities that I may not otherwise have had. Definitely devoting a lot of my life to the sex industry it's been an advantage; it catches their attention. But other than that I really don't care whether I have a big dick or not. Sometimes it annoys me because it's really hard to get a good blowjob.

What do you like the least about your dick?

That it can be a focal point for a lot of people who only look at me for that. I think it's even on my website that I say that the best way into my pants is through my brain. It kind of runs true to a resolution that I made for myself this year, which is to stop fucking dumb people!

So you agree with the principle of a sound mind in a sound body?

Yes. I finally got my mind, my spirit, and my body all attuned to work together and feel very comfortable in my skin and feel good about my existence.


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Has your dick ever gotten you in trouble?

[He laughs.] Well, yeah. [He laughs again.] Xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx... X xxx x xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx, xxxx xxxx xxxxxx. X xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xx xx xxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx. Xx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx deLISHious male nurse xxx xxx xxxx "Xxxxxxx, xxx xxx xx Xxxxxxxxx". Xx xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxx [xxxx xx, xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx'x] xxxxx, xxx x xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxx. Xxxx xx xxx xx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx X xxxx xxxxxxxxxx. Xxxxxxxx "Xxxxxxx Xxxxx"? X xxxx xxxx xxxxx. Xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx, xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx, xxx xx xxx x xxxx xxxxxxx xxx (xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx) xxxxx X xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx. Xx xxxx xx x xxxxxx xxxx -- xxx xxxx, xxx'x xxxx xxx X xxx xxxxxxx! Xx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxx X xxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xx-xxxx xx xxx xx xxxxxxx, xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xx xxx xxxx "X'xx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxx xx xx" [xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx X.X. xxxxxxxxx] xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxx. Xxx xx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx X popped a woody.

There are certain ethnic/genetic/racial things that I prefer in both men and women, but I'll concentrate on the men. I find Irish men and Native American men intoxicating. And also Asian men -- although it's difficult to find a hairy Asian man.

[The amount of hair I like is] Xxx xxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, xxx xxxxx xxxx, xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx, xxxxx xxxxxxxx. X xxxxx xxx xxxxx "xxxxxx xx" -- xx'x xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx -- xxx xx xxxxx'x x xxxx xxxx [x.x., xxxxx xxxx] xxxx'x XX. Xxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx, xxx X xxxxxx xxxxx xxx.

Anything else you'd like to say about dicks in general or your dick in particular?

The smell of a dick can be the most intoxicating elixir on the face of the planet.

I'm very olfactory, and I'll tell you a story that will probably make you cringe. X xxx xx x xxxxxx xxxxx xx Xxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx Xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xx -- xxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx. X xxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxx, X xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx x xxxxxxxxxx. Xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx, xxx xxx xxxxx xx xx xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx.

X xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xx. X xxx'x xxxx xx xxxxx Xxxxx xx Xxx'x Xxxx Xxxx -- X xxxx xx xxxxx xxx.

K.C. -- I mean, J.D. -- has allowed me to post here his e-mail address <> and his website address <> [Flash plug-in required].

Thank you very much!

You're welcome!

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