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Dick of the week


I met Anthony...
at a CMEN gathering, where he stood out distinctly because of his distinctive good looks and his olive complexion. OK, I'll admit it, it was also because he was uncut. And because he'd been nude on the cover of a gay newspaper.

In short, he came to me well recommended. He's the president of his local gay naked group, and a committed (nude) runner and athlete working at the local "Y". As I type this right now, he's in one of his favorite countries -- Australia -- for the Gay Games, where he'll be running in the marathon. (Sorry; he plans to wear clothes when he's there!)

So... let me begin with the standard Dick of the Week question: just how big IS your dick, anyway?

Gee, 7.

How big around?

I never actually measured, to tell the truth.

So when you jerk off, can you get your hand around it?

My fingers.... My hand? Yeah.

When you're holding it with one hand, does your thumb touch your index finger?


How much overlap?

[He shows me. About one nail.]

So do you lose partners who think that you're too big for them?

I have. [He nods.]

Is your dick long enough so that you can suck it yourself?

No. [He laughs.]

Which do you prefer in a partner: a big dick or a small dick?

A big dick -- for my partner.


More to play with.

What's the biggest dick you've ever had sex with?

I don't know. Probably a 10-incher. But it was so huge he couldn't even get it up... fully erect.

The smallest?

[Looks at his hand.] Probably 2 inches.

Tell me more about each of those two guys.

Both were guys I came across at saunas. I don't know much more about them than that. For the big guy it was just a hand job sort of thing. The small guy was muscular, good to play with, so he had a lot going for him besides his dick length.

Which is easier to keep hard -- a big dick or a small dick?

I would think a small dick. The ongoing joke is that if you have a big dick then you faint, because there's not enough blood for the two of you!

What famous person's dick would you like to see the most?

[Looks amused and puzzled. Long pause.] Let's see... Russell Crowe's. He's an Australian actor. [We didn't know it at the time, but Crowe was about to get famous soon after this interview.] Because I find him quite intriguing, and I love Australians. I've read articles about his life and personality, and stories about his whole process with breaking into the acting field, and I saw his movie and I met one of the actors who was playing his gay lover when I was in Australia.

The gay lover is in the movie The Sum of Us. The guy I met was the lover, and Russell Crowe was the son.

What did you like about that movie?

It was just a good feeling gay movie.

What famous person would you most like to show YOUR dick to?

The Queen. [He laughs.] Of England. She's probably never seen too many dicks in her life. Just to shock her a little bit!

Scientists have perfected a penis-transplant operation, and they want you to donate 2 inches of your dick for transplantation to someone less fortunate than you. How much would they have to pay you to get you to agree to the donation?

I think my inches are not for sale.

Would it matter if the recipient was your brother?

My brother is quite well hung. I think he needs to donate some inches to me!

How well hung is he?

He probably has a half inch additional over me.

Would it matter if the recipient was your boyfriend?

Coincidentally my boyfriend is BETTER hung.

By how much?

I'd say probably just under an inch.

How often do guys tell you that you have a big dick?

Under circumstances where I'm naked, I frequently get told that I have an interesting dick at least because of being uncut.

I take it that from time to time guys come on to you just because you have a big dick.

I like to think that there's more reasons than that.

But when that IS a major reason, how does that make you feel?

If big dicks are important to them, then I'm flattered.

How often do you get the impression that someone is interested in you ONLY because you have a big dick?

There are times when I feel that way when I go to the saunas.

How old were you when you first realized that your dick was bigger than most other guys'?

I'd say during the first year of coming out and being in situations where I see guys naked with erect penises.

What's the most annoying way someone comes on to you -- like in a bar or at a party?

I guess it's when they're quite forward.

If someone saw you in a bar, and figured out you had a big dick, what would be the best line for him to use to get you interested in him?

I think if he made a joke about it... said something funny.

What would be the worst line?

Once again it would be the assumption that I'd be interested in him just because of that.

Which do you prefer in other men? Why?

It makes no difference to me, actually. There's more to dicks than foreskin. There's lots to be said about the person who's carrying it, the owner.

Ever thought of getting circumcised?

I would never get circumcised. I think dicks weren't meant to be cut up.

Has your dick ever docked with another uncut guy?


What was your hottest docking experience?

I guess it was the first time it ever happened. I didn't know about it until someone told me and then did a demonstration right there. It's not something I do to get off or anything like that.

What's your dick's favorite place to go?

[He laughs.] Like an orifice?


I want to take my dick to Rio, Brazil. Out in the sun! I heard there's a lot of hot guys there. It's a fantasy. You mean places to go, past tense?

What's your dick's favorite place to go that YOU would rather it DIDN'T go?

I don't get the question. I'm sort of in control of my dick, so any place my dick goes, it's my decision that it go there.

What was the most surprising thing you discovered where you didn't think you liked something but your dick said it did?

[Wry smile.] I can't answer that question; I don't know.

What's your favorite way of USING your dick?

As a sucking device. A sucking toy.

What makes a dick pretty, or good-looking?

For me it would be that it had a good head on it. A big one [head].

Do you think you have a pretty dick?

Yes. I've seen prettier, but I have no complaints.

Do you think your boyfriend's dick is pretty?

Yes, I do, and I think so do many more people as well.

What does your boyfriend like about yours?

I think he's a size queen.

Has anyone ever drawn or sketched your dick?

Yes. I participated in several nude sketching jobs. The first one was in London. My host coincidentally ran this gay sketcher's club and they were looking for a model. I was there at the time so they asked me to model and I did. The second time was in Vancouver and my friend at a party asked me if I was interested, and I did it. Both positions were paid.

How much?

Roughly $25 an hour.

Have you ever drawn or sketched your own dick?


Who was the oldest person ever to see your dick?

I guess in the 70s. At the Gathering, or even one of the saunas.

The youngest person?

Children, toddlers, at the nude beaches in Australia.

When was the last time your Mom saw your dick?

Probably preteens.

Is your father cut or uncut?


Does your father have a big dick?


How big?

I guess about 7.

How do you know?

He often makes comments about it. Jokingly, when he's making comments about sex he would say things about dick size. He never actually said that his dick was big in so many words, but he implies it.

Do you have any kids?

Not that I know of.

Have you ever had sex with a woman?

My first sexual encounter was with a woman, but it wasn't all the way.

Does your dick have a name?

[Using a term customary in the Britsh Commonweath:] Not a Christian name.

Has it EVER had a name, like when you were younger?


Have you ever had the feeling that there is something wrong with your dick?


When you're wearing clothes, do you keep your dick inside underpants?


Boxers or briefs?


Does it hang to the left or to the right?

Straight down.

How do you arrange it inside briefs?

Usually pointing up. If the briefs are tight enough, it'll stay up.


Just so it looks like you have a bigger basket.

Think of the period of time in the gym between when you're totally naked in the shower and when you're totally clothed and ready to walk out the front door. Let's say that that's 20 minutes. For how many of those 20 minutes is your dick naked and visible to other guys in the locker room?

Once I go to the locker my briefs are usually what I put on first.

Has there ever been a period in your life of one year or more during which NO ONE other than you saw your dick?


When is the last time someone saw your dick?

I don't think anyone actually saw us naked during the photo shoot.

During other photo shoots, has anyone seen your dick other than the photographer?


Tell me about that.

When I was taking photos at the Gassy Jack statue in Vancouver there were some homeless people who noticed and made some comments.

When will be the next time?

Probably within 24 hours. At a Palm Springs naked event.

In high school, how often did other boys see your dick?

Only during gym locker time.


In high school, never. Girls only see my dick at mixed nude beaches.

And in college?

Just during gym class.

Nowadays, during an average week, how many people see your dick?

Only those that are in the shower room at the gym.

Of course, everybody knows that a lot of teenaged boys get hard at inappropriate times -- and in a way so that other people can see that they're hard. Did this ever happen to you?

When I was a teenager at the YMCA. When you're a teenager you don't have dick control.

Did anyone ever tease you or punish you when they noticed that your dick was hard?

I can't say that's ever happened.

Tell me about the first time your dick ejaculated. What happened?

I was on holiday in the Caribbean, and it took me by surprise. I was stroking it, but I didn't expect stuff to come out.

Why were you stroking it?

Because it felt good.

What's the shortest length of time you've ever had between two orgasms?

Probably a half hour. I was with someone I really liked. We used to have sex all day, literally.

Guys I interview for Dick of the Week usually are exhibitionistic -- at least a little. Think back in your life to any times when you may have fantasized or thought about showing off your dick to someone else, on purpose. How old were you the FIRST time you had a thought or a fantasy like that?

I guess it would be on holidays during my first few times being at a nude beach.

What was the fantasy?

To arouse someone's interest to carry out a conversation and get to know them [at the beach]. When you see someone really nice with a towel out and they're looking, you want to attract them so they follow up and maybe you can get to know them better.

Has anyone other than you ever touched your dick in a sexual way in a church?


At a Boy Scout event?


While your parents were nearby?


When you think back on your life, do you think you were a nudist your whole life, or did you only become a nudist at some particular age?

I only became a nudist in my late 20s. Just knowing that it was out there and trying it out, and finding out that it was a pleasant feeling.

Which would you prefer: To live in a world where everyone had to be naked all the time -- men and women -- or to live in a world where you had to be naked all the time but everyone else was clothed?

I think for everyone to be naked. So you don't stand out.

Which would you prefer: To have a photo published in a magazine of just your dick next to your real name, or to have an anonymous photo published showing both your dick and your face?

Anonymous. Just in case someone wanted to use it against you and make jokes about it.

What's the most embarrassing thing your dick ever did?

Precum, unintentionally. I guess it was fantasizing stuff at an inappropriate time.

Were you naked?


Did it soak through your pants?

Yeah, that's happened.

What has your dick done that has made you the most proud?

It's earned me money, that's for sure! It has an income of its own!

The modeling?

Yes, the massage as well. There are repeat customers who are enticed and return because of dick size.

So you do massages nude?

When asked.

How often do they ask?

About 10% of the time.

You have an ad in the paper, right? Does the ad say nude massage?

No. It's a spontaneous request on their part.

What's the most outrageously exhibitionistic thing you've ever done?

Allow myself to be photographed for newspaper circulation -- the Xtra cover and insert. There's an article about it in that same issue, naked, wearing nothing more than a halo and wings.

Did your dick appear in the issue?

It was covered up, but barely. Covered up with an ostrich feather.

Tell me all the places where you've been photographed nude around the world.

Start off in Australia: All over. Sydney, Perth, and Cairns. Fiji: just on the big island; it's called Travellers Beach. Montréal: they have a gay nude beach. The States: Northern California, Oregon. At the border crossing Oregon into Washington was the first one. There were beaches in Greece. Then there was England: London, at the Tower Bridge. Tahiti: Bora Bora, on a little island. South Africa: Cape Agulas.

Then San Diego, of course? [We had recently finished a nude public photo shoot in San Diego, where the interview took place.]


In your whole life, what event or situation made your dick the hardest it has ever been?

I guess during sex.

Any particular sexual scenario?


Tell me about the first time your dick was photographed.

I think that would be in Australia. A friend did it on a beach.

Has your dick ever been published in a magazine?

Yes, the GNI magazine (in addition to Xtra).

On the Internet?

Yup. Also there's a site that this guy runs which has pictures of people at orgies, and I attended one of his.

Where was the orgy?

In Vancouver. At a hotel.

Have you ever danced naked?

Yes. Naked Heaven [the monthly gay naked dance in Vancouver].

What does your dick do when you do that?

It sort of sways.

When you're dancing naked, do you think about how moving your body will move your dick? Do you do anything on purpose because of the way it's going to cause your dick to swing?

I try not to pick up too much momentum!

Have you ever exposed your dick in a non-visible way -- for example, by taking your bathing suit off underwater?

Yeah, I have. In the ocean, under a non-nudist situation. I was probably early 20s.

So that was before you became a nudist?

Yup. Just a feeling of being naked in the ocean.

Have you ever been naked in a bar?

Yes, for Naked Heaven.

Have you ever been naked in public?

Briefly for the photos, but then also in the Gay Pride Parade in Vancouver. Wreck beach and other nude beaches.

Not counting a Gathering, what's the largest number of people who have seen your dick all at the same time?

Probably at Wreck beach.

Tell me about the first time your dick accidentally became visible and might have been seen by someone you didn't intend to show it to.

At the gym, an embarrassing situation as well. I was wearing shorts that were a bit too loose. I was actually on duty working there and I was wearing these shorts where the elastic had worn a little bit, and my scrotum and dick were seen by someone who made a comment about it and sort of giggled.

Has your dick ever been paid to do something?

No, just posing for the sketching classes.

Has your dick ever been exposed to view against your will?

I can't say that it has.

What do you like the most about your dick?

I guess the thickness.

What do you like the most about having a dick?

Something to play with.

What do you like the most about having a BIG dick?

They tend to be popular.

What do you like the least about your dick?

I don't know; I can't answer that, actually. I'm pretty happy with it.

What do you like the least about having a dick?

Hmmm. I like having a dick. It's better than the alternative!

What do you like the least about having a big dick?

Actually, I don't find any fault with that.

Has your dick ever gotten you in trouble?


Have you ever had an orgasm in a car while the car was moving?

Yes, actually. My boyfriend at the time and myself were in the back seat on a ride from Palm Springs to San Francisco we were playing.

Have you ever had an orgasm on an airplane?


...on a train or subway car?


...on a boat?



No. your parents' bedroom?

No. school?

No. work?

Yes. There was a member at the gym where I was at that cornered me and wanted to play.

Have you ever come in a place where, if you and I were to go there right now, you could show me your dried cum?


Tell me about the one orgasm in your life of which you are most ashamed.

I don't think I have one.

...of which you are the most proud?

I think it would be coming with this guy whom I thought was a godsend -- a policeman from Atlanta. He was 100% my type: blond hair, blue eyes, bubble butt, muscular and lean.

When you jerk off, how do you hold your dick in your hand?

Pointing out, usually. [He shows me.] In the palm of my hand.

What motion do you use?

Just forward and back.

Starting the clock at the end of this interview, how long will it be before you have an orgasm?

That's hard to say.

Anything else you'd like to say about dicks in general or your dick in particular?

Keep growing 'em!

Why do you like taking those public naked photos?

I think it's the element of risk, and it's something that people can identify with: to be naked in places that they have been or know of. People can identify with a situation and imagine that other people have been there naked -- it sort of creates an image.

Thank you very much!

You're welcome!




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