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I met Cliff...
at a gay naked gathering on the east coast. Crewcut, sparkling eyes -- he was hard to miss. But there are so many wonderful guys at Gatherings these days that it took me a year or two before I really paid attention.

But when I did... ooh, baby!

So... let me begin with the standard Dick of the Week question: just how big IS your dick, anyway?

Seven and a half.

How big around?


So when you jerk off, can you get your hand around it?

Yeah, basically; [I can] just about touch [my fingertips].

So do you lose partners who think that you're too big for them?

No, that's never happened.

Which do you prefer in a partner: a big dick or a small dick?



Because somebody who has a small dick tends to have to be secure in themselves, and I like that personality trait.

What's the biggest dick you've ever had sex with?

Oh my lord! I think it was somewhere around 11 inches. It was unbelievably huge.

The smallest?

Three inches.

Tell me more about each of those two guys.

The small guy is somebody whom I just recently met -- a sweetheart xx x xxx, xxxx xxxx xxxx; X'x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx. Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx; xx xx xxx! [Xx xxxxxx.] Xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xx; xx'xx xxx x xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx, xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx.

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The big guy was a bookstore trick... how else do you put it? [He laughs.] X xxx xxx xx xxxx xxxx xxx x xxxxxx xx xxxxx, xxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx, xxxx xxxx xxxx 3 xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx, xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx. Xxx xx xxx x xxxxxxx xxx -- xx xxx x xxxxxxx xxxx xx, xxx xxxxxx xxxxx.

Which is easier to keep hard -- a big dick or a small dick?

Small dick. I don't know why; they seem to just get rock hard. It's easier to get them that way.

What's your dick's favorite place to go?

Hmmmm. You know that's tough because I like a lot of things. I like to xxxx xxxxxxxx, xxx X xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx, X xxxx x xxxx xxx, xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx x xxxx xxx. Xx'x xxxxxxxxx; X'x xxxx xx xxx "xxxx."

What's your dick's favorite place to go that YOU would rather it DIDN'T go?

Hmmmm! When passion takes over and sometimes you unwisely are unsafe.

What was the most surprising thing you discovered where you didn't think you liked something but your dick said it did?

When somebody xxxxxxxxx xx. It was fairly erotic, and it turned me on.

How far in did they xxxxx?

Probably long enough -- xxx xxxx xxxxxx'x xxxxx, xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx.

What's your favorite way of USING your dick?

[He thinks awhile.] Pleasing somebody with it.

How often do guys tell you that you have a big dick?

50% of the time.

I take it that from time to time guys come on to you just because you have a big dick.


How does that make you feel?

Flattered, but I hope that they would look past that and find more in me.

How often do you get the impression that someone is interested in you ONLY because you have a big dick?

Well, when I've been to the bookstore or the bathhouse, that's where it happens primarily, although it has happened here at the Gathering. For the most part I think that most people are attracted to my personality and my smile, my eyes.

How old were you when you first realized that your dick was bigger than most other guys'?

I'd have to say senior year of high school. Just looking at guys in the shower and the few guys I had tricked with in high school -- I was the larger one.

Tell me about those tricks.

They were actually sort of relationships. One was my best friend and we had sex together for three years. Another guy was xxxxxxxx X xxxxxxx xxxx xx xx 11th xxxxx xxxx; xx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxx Marines. Xxx xxxx X xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx x xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx X xxxx xx, xx X xxx xxx xxxxx xxx (xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx) xx xxx xxxx. Xxx xx-xxxxxx xxx xx xxx; xxx xxx-Xxxxxx x xxxx xxxxx.

How did you discover the cruisy park?

Somebody I had met through a mutual friend who was gay was my mentor in many ways; he took me to my first bookstore and first gay club. Then he also showed me the cruisy park and introduced me to friends; we used to hang out down there.

How old was he?

Five years older; I was 99, he was 99.

What's the most annoying way someone comes on to you -- like in a bar or at a party?

I think if they're too forward, physically, as far as groping, there's a point where that's flattering, but also a point at which it's annoying; there's a fine line between them.

If someone saw you in a bar, and figured out you had a big dick, what would be the best line for him to use to get you interested in him?

Hmmmm. I guess something to the effect that he's a talented bottom who knows how to handle a big dick. Someone who politely, considerately mentions that fact -- whereas a real turnoff would be someone who would be too blatant about it, like "I'll give you a good fuck."

I can see that you're cut. Which do you prefer in other men? Why?

I prefer xxx. X xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx, xxx xx'x xxxx xxxx X'x xxxxxxxxxx xx.

What makes a dick pretty, or good-looking?

Proportions. I don't like it to be too fat or too skinny; I don't care for a dick that's very veiny; I'd rather it be on the smoother side. And one that's fairly straight.

Do you think you have a pretty dick?

I'd say OK. I wouldn't say pretty, I'd say OK. I'm happy with it and I've been told it's pretty, but I don't see it as pretty by my definitions.

Is your father cut or uncut?

He was cut. He was gay, too.

How do you know that?

He and his lover were together for 17 years before my dad passed away.

How old were you when you found out?

Senior year in high school, when he left my mom for his lover.

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Xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxxx?

Xx. X xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx X xxxx'x xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx X xxx xxx, xxxxxxx X xxx x xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxx, xxxx X xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx, xxx xxxxx xxxx, xxx xx'xx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx.

Xx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx?

Xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx'x xxxxxx xx xxx xxxx; xx x xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx x "xx" xxxxxx. Xx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx; xx xxx x xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx. Xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xx xx xx.

Does your father have x xxx xxxx?


Xxx xxx?

X'xx xxxxx xx xxx 0 xx 0, xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx 0, x xxx xxxxxxx.

Xxx xx xxx xxxx?

Xxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxx he also wanted to be sure that I knew the right way to masturbate, so xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx. Xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx [xxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx] xxxxxx, xx xxx x xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx.

Xxx xxx xxxx xxx xx xxx xxxx?

Xxxxxxxx. X xxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx, xxx xx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxx X xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx -- xx x xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx X xxxxx xx xxxx x xxxxx X xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx.

Tell me about your dad's boyfriend.

He's a wonderful man, X xxxx xxx xxxxxx, x xxxxxxxxxx xx xx, X'x x xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx; xx'xx xxxx xxxxx, x xxxx xxxxxx xxxx, xxxx xxxxxx, xxxx xxxxxx. Xxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx x xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xx xxx.

How did they meet?

They both had interests in music and met at an organ recital one time.

How old were they?

Dad would have been 35 and his boyfriend would have been 46.

So your dad was significantly younger.


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Xxx'xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx "xxxxx-xxx" xxxxx?


Xx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx?

Xx, xxx xx xxx. Xx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Xxxx X xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx-xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx x xxx xx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx Xxx xx xxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx, xxx xx'x xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx'x xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx. Xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxx?


Xx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx'x xxxxxx xx xxx.


Xxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx Xxx xxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx?

Xxxx xxxx.

Xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxx x xxxxxx xxxx?

Xx. Xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xx xxxx xx xx xxxxx.

Xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Xxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx?


X xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx?

Xx xxxx xxxx, xxx. Xx xxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx. Xx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx.

Xxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx?

Xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx: Xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx. Xx xxx x xxxx-xxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx; xx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xx xx xxxxxx xx xxx xxx. Xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx: Xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx 60x, xx xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx, xx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx. Xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx. X xxx'x xxxx xx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxx xx xxxx Xxxxxxxxx; xxxx xxxxx x xxx xxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx [xxxx xx xxxxx]. X xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx, xxx X xxx'x xxxx xx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx.

Xxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxx?

Xx. Xxx X xxxx Xxx xxxxx xxxxx -- xx'x xxxx xx xx xxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx -- xxx xx xxx xxx xxx xx xx xxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx.

Xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx'x xxxx?

Xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx. Xx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx, xxx X xxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx. Xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx.

[Note to readers: Let's take a break here. This part of the discussion was pretty "heavy", and now we return to the standard line of questions.]

Does your dick have a name?


Has it EVER had a name, like when you were younger?


Have you ever had the feeling that there is something wrong with your dick?

Yeah, when I was going through puberty, at the time when my dick started to grow, it got puffed out in the center with, like, a ring of puffiness. It scared me because I didn't know what was going on.

When you're wearing clothes, do you keep your dick inside underpants?


Boxers or briefs?

I have always been a brief man but just recently within the past couple of months started to explore boxers.

Why'd you decide to give them a try?

I don't know, there's something erotic about a dick flowing freely and not confined, and it's a different kind of feeling. I'm trying to learn to enjoy.

What's your guess about the final choice?

It's going to be a mixture. Workout clothes need confining. In certain tight pants (like tight jeans) it's a little too uncomfortable to be flopping or pressed to the side.

Does it hang to the left or to the right?

To the left.

How do you arrange it inside briefs as you're putting them on?


How long does it take to do the arranging?


Think of the period of time in the gym between when you're totally naked in the shower and when you're totally clothed and ready to walk out the front door. Let's say that that's 20 minutes. For how many of those 20 minutes is your dick naked and visible to other guys in the locker room?

I'd say 50 percent.

Has there ever been a period in your life of one year or more during which NO ONE other than you saw your dick?

Xxxxx! X'x xxxx x xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx. X xxxxx xxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx.

When is the last time someone saw your dick [not counting the guys at the naked Gathering]?

I've had several tricks, that's one occasion. I did go to Sandy Hook for the first time about a month and a half ago; I took my best friend. And the guy I just met and I are starting to date.

When will be the next time?

The day I get home -- I'm going to visit the guy I'm seeing.

In high school, how often did other boys see your dick?

I guess the normal amount -- in gym class every day. I always took swimming so I always had to undress and shower every day.


Rarely. There were only two girls who ever saw my dick. One was a girlfriend I dated in ninth grade and the other was my ex-wife.

And in college?

No girls in college except my ex-wife. [On the male side, there were] tricks throughout the college.

When did you get married?

When I was 23, almost 24.

And you got divorced?

About 3 years later, when I was 27. She left the marriage because she wasn't happy and wanted more out of it. It wasn't the Ozzie and Harriet life that I believe she expected.

Did she know you were gay?

Xxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx X xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx X xxxx xx.

Xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xx?

Xxxxx 9 xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx, xxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx, X xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx. X xxx xxx x xxx xxxx X xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxx. X xxx xxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx X xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx.

Xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx, did you trick in bookstores and such?

Yes, in bookstores.

So what did you think about that at the time?

It was just a physical need, and that was it. It did not diminish my love or my relationship with my wife and my desire to build a life with her, or my intimate life with her.

No kids?

Xx xxxx. Xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx X xxxx xxx xxxxxxx x xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxx.

Xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx?


Xxx xxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxx?

Xx xxx xxxxx xxxx. X xxx'x xxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx. Xx xxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxx, X'x xxxx xx xxx xxxx xx xxx xx xxxx xx xx.

Xxxxxxxx, xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx, xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx?

[Xx xxxxx x xxxx.] Xxx xx xxx: xx xxxxxx xxxx xxx/xx xxxxxxxx x xxxxx.

Of course, everybody knows that a lot of teenaged boys get hard at inappropriate times -- and in a way so that other people can see that they're hard. Did this ever happen to you?

No. I've always had very good self control about that. Which helped me in going to the [nude] beach for the first time.

Did anyone ever tease you or punish you when they noticed that your dick was hard?

Light ribbing. Like at Sandy Hook.

When you jerk off, how do you hold your dick in your hand?

A medium grip to light grip; I don't like a tight grip. And I like it very wet.

So you use...?

Xxx, xx xxxx xxx xx xxxx -- xx xxx, xxxxx xxxx xxxxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx.

What geometry?

X xxxx xx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx, xxxx xxxx, xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xx. Xxx xxxxxx xxxxx.

What motion do you use?

Xx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx.

Tell me about the first time your dick ejaculated. What happened?

Do you mean the first time to ejaculate or first time for orgasm?


Orgasm [by itself] happened to me prior to hitting puberty, or just as I was reaching it. My best friend -- xxxx X xxx xxxxxx xxxx x xxxxxx xx xxxxx xx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx -- xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx X xxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx. X xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx... xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxx xxx. Xx'x xxxx xxxxx xx xx xxxx, xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xx.

Was it outdoors?

Xx, xxxxxx, xxx xx x xxxxxx xxxxx xxx. Xx xxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx.

And ejaculation?

Xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx, xxxxx 6 xxxxxx xxxxx. Xxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx, xxx xx xxx xxxx xxx.

Xxx xx xxxxxxx xxx?

Xx. X xxxxxxx X xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx, xxx X xxx xxxx xxx xx xxx xxxx.

Xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx?

Oh, lord.... I'll say 40 or 50 times over a span of about 4 years.

Compare the way you jerked off then with xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx.

X xxx xxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxx. X xxxxxx xxx'x xxxxxxxx xxxx xx x xxxxxxxxxx, xx'x xx xxxx xxx xx'x xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx. Xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx, xxx X xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx X xxxxx xxx xx xxxx xxx xx xxxx xx xxx xx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx.

Xx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx?

Basically. More variations that I've learned over the years using lube and all that but basically the same.

Guys I interview for Dick of the Week usually are exhibitionistic -- at least a little. Think back in your life to any times when you may have fantasized or thought about showing off your dick to someone else, on purpose. How old were you the FIRST time you had a thought or a fantasy like that?

I've always been fairly modest until recently. Probably around 1992, the first time I went to Sandy Hook. It kind of opened my eyes to being naked and wanting to flaunt the goods.

Have you ever danced naked?

Yes, and I love it.

What does your dick do when you do that?

It xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. Xxxxxx xx xxxx x xxxxxx xxxxxxx. X'x xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xx xx xxx xx'x xxx xx xxxxxx xx xx.

When you're dancing naked, do you think about how moving your body will move your dick? Do you do anything on purpose because of the way it's going to cause your dick to swing?

Occasionally, but that's maybe 5% of the time. It's not my focus. The music takes me over and I become enveloped in it.

What do you like the most about your dick?

Hmmmm. That it gives me such pleasure.

What do you like the most about having a dick?

Hmmmm. The ability to give pleasure to others with it.

-- or a big dick?

Feeling adequate.

What do you like the least about your dick?

The curvature of it. I curve to the left slightly when I'm hard. Not much, but I'd rather have it be completely straight.

What do you like the least about having a dick?

Hmmmm! I don't think there's anything I can think of. It's part of me; I couldn't image living without it.

What do you like the least about having a big dick?

People not recognizing me for the personality traits that also enhance the overall package.

Has your dick ever gotten you in trouble?

Yeah, when I've been overcome with wanting to have sex with somebody and acting on that, following the passion and not the reason. I was with a boyfriend one time and we were out at Sandy Hook and there was somebody else there and we started to play with each other and my boyfriend got very upset and we had a big fight.

What happened next?

Xx xxx xxx xxxx xx xxx X xxxxx xxxx, xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx x xxx xxxxx. Xx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx x xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx... xxx xxxxxx xxx.

Xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx?


If you had a son, xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx?

Xxx. Xx xxx xx X xxxx x xxxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxx xx, xxx xx X xxx x xxxxx X xxxx xxxx X xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx X xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx xx xxx x xxxxx xxxx.

Xx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx'x xxxxxx xx x xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxx?

Xxxxxxxxxx. X xxx'x xxxx xx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xx'xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx. X xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx.

Xxx xx xxx xxxx?

Xxx xxxx xx. X xxxxx X xxxxx xxx xx xx xxx xxx XXX xxxx, xxx xx xxxx xxx, xx xxxx xxxx, xxxx xx xxx. Xxxx xxx xxx; xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx.

Xx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx?

X xxxx x xxxxxxxxxx.

Xx xxx xxxxx xxx Xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx?

Xx. [Xx xxxxxx.] Xx xxxxxx'x xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xx xx xx. X xxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx, xxx xxxx'x x xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, xxx xx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx.

Xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx/xx xxxx xxx xxx?

Xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xx, xxx xxx xxxx xx xxx, xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xx. Xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xx, xxx xxxx'x xxx X'xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx'x xxxx xxxx xxx xx xxx xx xxxx xxxx, xxxxxxxxx X xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxx.

Anything else you'd like to say about dicks in general or your dick in particular?

God, I can't think of anything, really! This has really been a great interview.

Thank you very much!

You're welcome!

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